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169 Grand Ave., New Haven CT 06513 Tel: (203) 787-0191 Fax:  (203) 787-4934


JUNTA for Progressive Action, Inc. is the oldest New Haven non-profit serving the low-income and Latino community.  JUNTA combines advocacy, direct assistance, and community organizing in meeting the needs of the community.


The Worker Center at JUNTA aims to provide workers with a place to strategically think about ways to 1.) collectively identify and grapple with workplace justice issues in their community and beyond; 2.) determine appropriate priorities and agendas for addressing workplace issues; and 3.) actively develop leadership/organizing skills that can lead to a more civically engaged community. Ultimately, the Worker Center at JUNTA will allow workers affected by abuses such as nonpayment of wages, discrimination, and unsafe working conditions to emerge as core leaders and stakeholders in the much needed responses to those problems.

The work behind the project began with JUNTAs Workplace Justice Initiative(WJI) in 2005. The Workplace Justice Initiative organized worker rights workshops for the community and mediated between employees and employers to resolve work related conflicts. Currently, the Worker Centers vision involves structured and continued training for workers and emerging Center leaders on worker rights and organizing; plans for broad dissemination of worker rights information to the community; recruitment of Center members; collaboration with pro-bono lawyers that will allow the Center to develop effective grassroots organizing campaigns around specific workplace justice cases; and extensive use of the immigrant and English-speaking press to promote dialogue on worker rights.

The Worker Center Organizer is a part time position that reports directly to and works extensively with the Economic Development Program Coordinator at JUNTA. The Worker Center Organizer will be responsible for supporting the Worker Centers development through various organizing and administrative tasks. These include but are not limited to the following:

Planning/Administrative Support
    Work on shaping and evaluating the Worker Center project with the Economic Development Program Coordinator.
    Maintain detailed records of all activities, cases, members, outcomes, evaluations, etc.

Case Work
    Manage an inflow of worker rights cases and expand the Centers capacity to handle those cases. He or she will provide an initial evaluation of cases and a recommendation for action. Mediation between workers and employers will often be necessary.
    Work closely with legal organizations in New Haven in order to provide the best information and/or referrals to individuals and/or groups with worker rights concerns.
     Collaborate with lawyers handling worker rights cases to expand the role of grassroots worker organizing in the success of those cases.

    Help develop and coordinate an ongoing course on worker rights for low-wage immigrant workers.
    Research, identify, and coordinate organizing/leadership trainings for the organizer and/or Center members.
    Coordinate trainings on other topics or skills as needed.

    Build and coordinate an active network of Worker Center members.
    Develop and conduct extensive recruitment and outreach activities to bring in members to the Center, identify potential grassroots leaders, increase visibility of the Worker Center, etc.
    As part of outreach, the Organizer will staff or coordinate the staffing of JUNTAs Worker Center open hours. The Centers open hours aim to recruit workers, build cohesion, and provide information on worker/immigrant rights.
    Assist in the design and implementation of strategies for leadership development amongst Worker Center members.
    Help to craft tools and processes for helping Center members develop and carry out an agenda around worker rights in New Haven. (A worker-led agenda may involve organizing campaigns around issues or specific worker rights cases, creating committees for action, establishing a membership structure for the Center that fosters democratic and grassroots decision making, etc.)

The following qualifications describe the ideal candidate but are not strict requirements. 
    B.A. or 2 year Associates degree preferred, or similar combination of education and experience
    2 -3 years of grassroots, labor, immigrant, and/or political organizing experience
    Excellent organization, project management, and record-keeping skills
    Knowledge of worker and/or immigrant rights is strongly preferred
    Fluency in English and Spanish
    Proficient in the use of Windows, Email, Internet, and Excel
    Ability to work irregular hours
    Passion for social justice and worker rights a must
    Salary: $20,000- $24,000 (Part-Time)

Please send resume and inquiries to Laura Huizar, Economic Development Programs Coordinator.
Email: This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript
Address: 169 Grand Avenue, New Haven, CT 06513
Phone: (203) 787-0191, ext. 16

Position will remain open until filled.