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Hey Dwight Hall!

Ready for prefrosh? 

We are!

If you're hosting a bunch of potential Yalies and don't know what to do with them all, here's a list of all the Dwight Hall group events over the next two days. Pass it on to them, or even attend some yourself! Those chocolate fountains only come out once a year...

Dwight Hall will have an open house from 2-4 this afternoon (4/13) in the Library, so stop by if you want a real-life version of Dwight Hall Match or just feel like chatting about social justice. I'll be passing out flyers to prefrosh in my brand new Dwight Hall t-shirt (click here to order one!). Our main Bulldog Days event will be a panel in the Common Room from 5-6 on Thursday. Definitely come by - the questions and conversation should be of general interest to all.

 Hopefully the rest of your week won't be entirely dominated by Bulldog Days - there are plenty of other great events lined up below! 


Jennifer Friedmann

Dwight Hall PR Coordinator