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CAFAMI opens its doors during the summer months to students interested in learning Spanish. Spanish School ¡Arriba San Pancho! runs two 6-week sessions from June-July and from July-August. During the six weeks students live in a home of a village family. Students will spend 25 hours a week attending individual and group Spanish classes at CAFAMI. Spanish teachers at CAFAMI are themselves community members, and are chosen because of their professional degrees as well as their interest in working in their community. Important themes in the curriculum are social justice, local customs, and the preservation of indigenous heritage. 

In addition to language classes, the volunteers and families who run CAFAMI are waiting to share their village and customs with you. Included are weekly classes in Nahuatl, the indigenous language of the region, excursions to local farms, markets, archeological sites, and well as hikes up the volcano La Malinche. Important festivals will also be celebrated in highest regard. 

The program costs $175 a week (for 6 weeks, or $150 a week for the full 12 weeks). Of your weekly tuition, half will go to pay the Spanish teacher, and the remaining half will go to pay your host family and the group of young people who run CAFAMI. 

Your support as Spanish language students directly benefits the community San Francisco Tetlanohcan in its resistance to the negative effects of migration. Hundreds of residents of San Francisco migrate to the United States every year looking for income to support their families. Those left in San Francisco have come together to look for alternatives to migration that can help grow their community. The Spanish School ¡Arriba San Pancho! is one of these alternatives. Your unforgettable experience learning Spanish in San Francisco Tetlanohcan will bring income to the village and will also allow its community members to remain with their families and in their land. 

This summer's first session starts June 7th, and the second session starts July 19th.